Feb 21, 2010

Google Buzz started with Buzzing Issue (Breaking User Privacy Law). Is it a genuine issue or smart trick?

Google Buzz ?
The most buzzing event of Google nowadays and it’s also buzzing loud on all technical news too. Let’s find out what is so buzzing with it.

Google buzz is actually a smart way of short and sharper communication. The most attractive thing here is that it’s got integrated in your Gmail inbox, so don’t need to go onto some other link to access it.

Google Buzz is initiative toward getting strong in social networking domain. Currently Facebook covers almost 46% of the social network traffic, myspace 19% and you tube 14%. Google buzz can be said an answer to Facebook.

Google buzz comes with navigation in your gmail inbox. Buzz uses the people you email and chat with most often to build the first iteration of your network. This network was originally created by default and that is the biggest threat to privacy.Since Google buzz auto-follow people you communicate with on Gmail or Google Talk. Google buzz started with this issue and attracted lots of focus from the privacy organization. Many privacy organizations registered a strong concern over it. And Google buzz becomes the hot discussion topic of everyone. Every product tries to get focus with its new feature but Google buzz got the focus with its user privacy issue. Whatever Google buzz as a product ultimately attracted huge users and organization.
Finally Google apologizes for this and they have planned to launch it with more transparency and control features.It is still a mystery whether it’s all intended or a genuine user issue.

But overall Google buzz is a great feature to use; it helps one to share quickly text, videos and links with your network.
I have already starting buzzing with it and let’s see how far this feature will go.

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