Feb 20, 2010

How to register URL with search engines ?

Everyone wants to get noticed on Internet after launching very first content on new site :).
There are several ways by which one can get noticed on internet like search engines, backlinks, social networking sites, forums etc...I have explored search engine registration mechanism.
Its not very difficult to register your blog/website with famous search engine. Search engine are the most effective tool to get web traffic to your blogs/website. When it comes to search engine google, yahoo and msn live search are the most used option nowadays.

I have collected following links which can be used for submitting your URL :-
Above search engine shares 90% of all the hits. So registering to above link would be enough to get noticed at very first stage. Above links are easy mechanism to get yourself noticed, but they did not guarantee that your URL would come at top position in their searches. It all depends on the page rank, locality, back-links, content and several other factors, which guides search engines deciding priority of displaying pages.Let's have a brief of search engine working :- "Search engine have three basic module web crawling, indexing and searching.Web crawler collects information, then it get indexed based on several algorithms and searching retrieves relevant information from this indexed information".
I hope above information would be helpful if you are starting new website and want to to get noticed on internet.


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