Feb 18, 2010

Parallel Thinking......A constructive conclusion tool

The approach is called as “Parallel Thinking”.

"Parallel thinking" means that at any moment everyone is looking and thinking in the same direction. There is no attack and defense.

There are six modes of thinking. Each mode is symbolized by a colored “HAT”.

So when the Black Hat is in use, everyone is focusing on possible dangers, weakness faults, etc..
When the Yellow Hat is in use everyone focuses on benefits and values.
The Green Hat is for creativity and new ideas.
The Red Hat is permission to put forward emotions, intuitions and feelings - without any need to justify them.
The Blue Hat is the organizing hat.
The White Hat is on information.

Its ultimate benefits:-

Suppose someone is against an idea being discussed. Normally that person would use every moment and every bit of intellectual energy to point out the faults in the idea.

With the Hat system, that person would be fully encouraged to be cautions under the Black Hat. But when the Yellow hat came around that person would be expected to find values.
If that person was unable to find values while everyone else did find values then that person would be seen by everyone to be "stupid".
If the values are there, why can you not see them ?

Its like human software for formalizing thinking. We can customize it with our need to.

Concept taken from :- "Book:- LATERAL THINKING Author :- EDWARD DE BONO"


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