Feb 24, 2010

Sachin's record 200* In ODI vs South Africa, memorable milestone in cricketing world

I can’t stop myself writing on Sachin's 200, it’s a mmmmm what can I say just got spellbound from his performance.Its a magical mesmerizing memorable milestone performance from maestro the “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”.

Sachin slammed 200 not out today against one of the strongest ODI team South Africa at Captain Roop Singh Stadium Gwalior.

It’s a working day in our company and all are just busy with their scheduled work. And suddenly one guy screamed from his cube that “Sachin made 185 not out” this news just spreads like wildfire (technically like viruses on network). It infected almost every guy and all moved to our chill out zone which have television set. Quickly whole room got filled, each and every corner of room got occupied. All intellectuals who fights like anything in meeting rooms with their logical reasons were in total sync with each other and why not as all were  talking about the “Sachin Tendulkar”. All guys present in room had several positive comments on Sachin,
all were busy in proving that "They are the biggest fan of Sachin" and everyone in thier heart wanted Sachin to cmake first ever double century in ODI. 
Sachin crossed the magic number of 194 runs in 46th over and all went up clapping with a big smile on everyone's face.With this Sachin created a record of making a highest score in an ODI by breaking Saeed Anwar's record of 194 runs. But everyone was still holding breath eying for much bigger celebration.
Its now 47th over, Sachin reached 199 mark still requiring one golden run.We all were waiting for it and in next over we were hoping to see Sachin on strike but Dhoni faced all the 6 balls brilliantly and Sachin still on 199 mark :(. Despite Dhoni doing his job well, he was not getting any attention as everyone wanted to see Sachin on strike. And finally Sachin got strike in last over, Langeveldt the bowler, bowling 3rd ball of the last over, all stage set for Sachin to reach the milestone of double century. There was a complete silence in the room for a while, all praying for Sachin's 200. All were tensed but Sachin looking very confident and finally Langeveldt delivered the ball and Sachin guided ball for single run. All went up on their feet and this time celebration was much bigger and louder. Everyone were so happy and were feeling very proud. This moment will remain for a long time in memory of all the cricket lovers. 

This event was so big that when i entered "Sachin's 200" search string on google search, it fetched almost 2400 pages within minutes of his double century.
Sachin got more then 70 records under his name, for detail check this link :- 

Sachin is a living legend of cricketing world and adding to his greatness he dedicated this marvelous innings to Indian people.Sachin tussi great ho, jahanpanah tofah kabul karo :)


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