Mar 1, 2010

"Lathmar Holi" a traditional Indian Holi showing Radha's Sweet Festive Revenge

Today is Holi, the Indian festival of colors. One will not find as many color as found in this festival. Auspicious red, Soothing silver, Sunkissed gold, Pretty purple, Blissfull blue, Forever green all colors are there. People used to play holi by forgetting all thier previous rivalry and used to enjoy great indian cusine of sweets, typical indian "bhang",traditional drink called as "thandaii", play color names as "gulal". Its all very colorful and you can put color to anybody by just
saying "Bura na mano holi hai".
Holi get celebrated in many ways and today i have chosen to write on "lathmar holi" which is treated as epicenter of holi in India. I have chosen Lathmar holi because it is unique in the sense that here women chase men away with sticks. Males also sing provocative songs in a bid to invite the attention of women. Women then go on the offensive and use long staves called "lathis" to beat men folk who protect themselves with shields. Before moving ahead with it lets undestand the reason of Holi celebration there are several sagas behind it "Love of Lord Krishna-Radha", "Legend of Prahlad and Pootna" and "Legend of King Hiranyakashyapu". I like "Legend of Krishna and Radha" the most as it spread message of love.
Krishna being a very mischievous kid plays lots of pranks with Radha and her friends (Gopies). Yashuda son Krishna once asked her that "why Radha so fair and i am so dark", replying to him Mother said "If you are too much jealous of her than put dark color on Radha so there will be no color difference". Krishna did same by putting dark color on Radha. Since then people celebrates Holi by playing colors with his/her loved ones.
One can ask question then from where this Lathmar Holi came from, so answer is its from Radha's and Gopies.
Its a battle of love between Nandgaon's men (Lord Krishna's Place) and Barsana's women (Shri Radha's Place).
Lord Krishna was famous for palying pranks with Gopies of Vraj and Gopies too enjoy this by showing thier love anger over it. So, continuing this ritual Men and Women of Vraj even today clash in a colorful display of battle of the sexes. Men of Nandagow tries to invade Barsana with hopes of raising their flag over Shri Radhikaji's temple (Most famous temple dedicated only to Shri Radhika in India). In response Barsana women with thier full preparation attacks men with long wooden stick termed as "lathis" to take sweet festive revenge for pranks played by Lord Krishna.Slowly it turns up into a love battle where men attempt to reach Shri Radhikaji's temple defending themselves with shield.Funny part of this battle is if men gets up into hold of women then they are forced to dance in female attire too. This Love battle showing Radha's sweet festive revenge is Known as “Lathmar Holi”!! also famous as BRIJ KI HOLI.
One can rightly say here that "It happens only in India". Lets keep this divine love of Krishna and Radha alive deep in our hearts, so that we can spread message of love and happiness in this world of hatred

Happy Holi,


i liked it...keep it up :)

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I found here the reason behind the line "Radha kyo gori, mein kyo kaala." and its connection with Holi festtival.


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