Mar 18, 2010

Perception a boon or a killer ?

Perception is considered to be starting point of thinking. In most of the cases perception starts with our experiences we have from life.

If we look thinking steps it would be:-
a) We see, observe or feel.
b) We percepts i.e. start thinking and analyzing.
c) We conclude and take actions.

Most of us just ignore the step (b), which i want to highlight with examples and will see some steps to improve this.

Lets take an example of one short story showing perception role in real life:-
In Australia, the one dollar coin is much bigger than two dollar coin. One day, one big guy and his friend offered five-year old Johnny a choice between two coins: a one dollar coin and the small two dollar coin. He could take and keep whichever one he wanted.He picked the bigger, one dollar coin.His friends laughed and giggled.Whenever they wanted to tease Johnny they offered him again this choice of coins.He always took the bigger one.He never seemed to learn.
   One day an adult saw this and called Johnny over.He told Johnny that although the smaller coin was smaller it was actually worth more."I know that", said Johnny. The adult man just got stunned from his answer. Johnny added "If i had taken smaller one first time, then how often they will offer me again".

With the above example it's very clear that perception made by big guys for that small kid was absolutely wrong. And utilizing same perception kid actually got the benefit.This example reveals us that don't precept that you are the most intelligent and the "only one".Always keep in mind that you cant fool people all the time. So be very cautious in case you start perceiving things.

Lets take one more practical example.

This is a small story indicating how perception can change with time and circumstances.

Rishita joined college after stepping out of school world. She made few friends and Pinky was one of them. They soon became good friends and shared a small world together of friendship and trust with lots of fun and enjoyment. One day Rishita was not feeling well so she asked Pinky to submit her assignment on her behalf, as the assignment marks were to be added to final score.

She was relieved that her assignment will be submitted on time. But next day she came to know that her assignment was not submitted and even Pinky was absent.
Rishita felt cheated and was very annoyed over Pinky. More important was that Pinky didn't even contact her once. One week passed by and Pinky joined back but Rishita decided not to talk to her. She created a perception for her and acted accordingly. Pinky tried to contact her many times but all in vein.

Few months passed by. Rishita was talking to one of her classmate and when Pinky was mentioned, she suddenly came up with an abrupt remark on Pinky's credibility. Then her classmate asked the reason for such comment and Rishita told her everything. Then her classmate broke her perception by telling truth about Pinky's unavailability.The second side of story gave Rishita shock of her life.

The day Pinky was going to submit Rishika's submission, her younger brother had a bad road accident and she was occupied for nearly 2 weeks with her brother's recovery. This was the reason she couldn't even inform Rishita. when she joined back she tried to contact Rishita, but Rishita's perception deprived her of the best friend she had.

At this time she realized that her wrong perception due to a single incident and incomplete information cost her best friend she had.

This example reveals that perception if made wrong can be a killer.

 A perception taken at a time plays very important role in real life situation.
As we saw perception taken by big guys was totally different from kids perception.
To kid perception made by big guys was a boon to him. We also seen
perception can make or break friendship.

Lets take one more example to understand that perception is a boon or a killer?

An old man of ninety goes down to Hell. As he wonders around he sees a friend of his, about the same age, with the most beautiful young woman on his knee.
He ask, "Is this hell? You seem to be having a good time."
The friend replies, "it is indeed hell, i am the punishment for the young lady."

This humorous example shows that perception can vary from people to people and its very difficult to get the right one. If you apply logic then also its difficult to create right perception. Perception as we seen can be a boon or it can be killer at times. So, just be careful whenever you precept things, try to add more and more dimensions to your thinking process before taking an action.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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I think the motto here is: Don't jump to conclusions. Do some inquiring first.

perceptions based on some past experiences sometimes may work and can help you to get rid of abrupt situations...

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