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Sep 18, 2011

List of Blog Post Gadget for blogger using javascript

Blogger Data API Sample

Following post will help in retrieving the information related to list of post from a blog. One can use this to display the list of blogs by following easy step mentioned below

 1) Add one html/javascript gadget to your blog.

2) Copy paste below code to your gadget.

3) Replace feeduri with your blog feed uri.

           var feedUri = '';

 4) just save the gadget and its ready to use. Here goes the code for list of post for a blog :-


* Retrieve a list of blog posts

// Obtain a reference to the 'content' div
var content = document.getElementById('content');

// Create the blogger service object
var bloggerService =
    new google.gdata.blogger.BloggerService('com.appspot.interactivesampler');

// The feed for a single blog. (In this case, the Official Google Blog.)
// The ID included in this URI can be retrieved from the
// <link rel=""> element in the Blog's HTML source
var feedUri = '';

// A callback method invoked getBlogPostFeed() returns data
var handleBlogPostFeed = function(postsFeedRoot) {
  var posts = postsFeedRoot.feed.getEntries();
  // This variable will buffer HTML output until function completes
  var html = '';
  // Display blog's title
  html += '<dl>'
       + '<dt><strong>Blog:</strong> '
       + '<a href="'
       + postsFeedRoot.feed.getLink('alternate').getHref()
       + '">'
       + postsFeedRoot.feed.getTitle().getText()
       + '</a></dt>';
  // Display blog posts
  html += '<dd><ul>';
  for (var i = 0, post; post = posts[i]; i++) {
    var postTitle = post.getTitle().getText();
    var postURL = post.getHtmlLink().getHref();
    html += '<li><a href="' + postURL + '" target="_blank">'
              + postTitle
              + '</a></li>';
  html += '</ul></dd>';
  // Write out buffered HTML, and clear the "Loading..." message
  content.innerHTML = html;

var handleError = function(error) {
  content.innerHTML = '<pre>' + error + '</pre>';

bloggerService.getBlogPostFeed(feedUri, handleBlogPostFeed, handleError);



Below is the demo of above code for my blog :-





Blogspot post list javascript

i found your site through search, yours site is a nice and excellent website.. contents are nice.. will grow higher in future

tried it step by step and changed the blog url, not working though

what exactly you are getting as output, and specify error if you are getting any

Hi, i get this as output when i paste the code in the default HTML/Javascript widget

// Obtain a reference to the 'content' div var content = document.getElementById('content'); // Create the blogger service object var bloggerService = new google.gdata.blogger.BloggerService('com.appspot.interactivesampler'); // The feed for a single blog. (In this case, the Official Google Blog.) // // The ID included in this URI can be retrieved from the // element in the Blog's HTML source var feedUri = ''; // A callback method invoked getBlogPostFeed() returns data var handleBlogPostFeed = function(postsFeedRoot) { var posts = postsFeedRoot.feed.getEntries(); // This variable will buffer HTML output until function completes var html = ''; // Display blog's title html += '

' + '
Blog: ' + '' + postsFeedRoot.feed.getTitle().getText() + ''; // Display blog posts html += '

'; for (var i = 0, post; post = posts[i]; i++) { var postTitle = post.getTitle().getText(); var postURL = post.getHtmlLink().getHref(); html += '
' + postTitle + '
'; } html += '

'; // Write out buffered HTML, and clear the "Loading..." message content.innerHTML = html; }; var handleError = function(error) { content.innerHTML = '

' + error + '

'; }; bloggerService.getBlogPostFeed(feedUri, handleBlogPostFeed, handleError);

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