Oct 16, 2011

Distance Calculation from Latitude/Longitude using Google MAP APIs between two locations

Here is a sample application which i have developed to get the direction, distance and duration between two location/places using Latitude/Longitude with the help of Google MAP APIs.
This application will also reveals that how can we retrieve place/city name from the Latitude/Longitude.

Let's look at the input of application :-
Just input Lat/Lng and press "get Directions with Distance/Duration!" and get the updated direction MAP with Distance and Duration.
Place A and Place B will displays the Lat/Lng resolved location.

Check out its demo :-

Google Maps API Sample, Distance from Latitude and Longitude between two locations

Maps API Directions Illustrated with Latitude and Longitude

From:    To: 
Place A:   Place B: 
Distance KM  Duration Minutes  

Formatted DirectionsMap


This is an amazing tool! It was a real-time saver for me, however, I am wondering if this tool can be enhanced by adding the following features suggested features.
1) Can zip code fields be included so that one can search by a set of zip codes and get the reverse results regarding Latitudes & Longitudes.?
2) Also, can a template be developed so that one could do a mass search (download) using such template, and information such as Latitudes/Longitudes, and Zip Codes.?
I think these features will make the tool even more powerful!
Thanks for the wonderful job!!!

This is the information I am looking for.

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