Oct 12, 2011

How to write HTML code inside blogger blog post ?

Most of the time it become very messy when we try to write HTML code inside blog post.
It does not appear in the same way as we want when we publish it.

Following are some tricks which one can follow to simplify this process :-

1) Using existing HTML editor for writing complete content, and then copy paste entire content in post HTML mode.
2) Encode specific code with HTML encoder :-
                     shared one link here for you : http://centricle.com/tools/html-entities/
      a) Write your html code or any other code in the above site
      b) Press encode button. This will change all html tags with relevant encoded symbols ( e.g. < with < )
      c) Copy and paste encoded content into your compose post window.
here is the demo of embedded code:-

void CLogicalTimeMarker::RegisteringFlag(int nModuleID, char* pszName)
if(NULL != pszName && nModuleID <= g_nMaxModuleSupported)
m_stArrTimeAccounterStats[nModuleID].strName =  pszName;
Here is one more site doing same html code encode:-
Though one can embed any type of code like c/c++ , javascript , html with discussed approach.


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If you are using visual studio, then you can copy any type of code html/css/javascript/c# etc to blogger. You have to install visual studio productivity power tools: for more info read: http://coding-issues.blogspot.in/2013/10/copy-code-from-visual-studio-to-blogger.html

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Most of the time it become very messy when we try to write HTML code inside blog post.psd to css

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